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Teaching involves recognizing talents of the students

At Future Hope School Gitega, teachers do not just teach the courses on the curriculum only. They try to see the talents every child has in order to help them to use it. We know that though the world needs scientists, lawyers, historians,... there are also singers, actors, comedians, ... and in order to be the best of them, it is not as simple as some may think. We have to train children to discover their talents. That is the same reason why, teachers from Future Hope School Bwoga(Gitega)invited a group of young actors from Alliance Francaise to perform at that school.

The target was to show the students how others perform. We know that inspiration comes from what we see or hear. Students were much interested as they already have a theater team. We know that they were learning. That will help them to improve and we will keep pushing them until they make it.

Alliance Francaise Team performing

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