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Burundi is a small country in the heart of Africa, torn apart by recurrent civil wars. This has stunted growth in the country, leaving it among the world's poorest nations.

About Burundi

Burundi is a remarkable country in East Africa. It is only the size of the US state of Maryland, with a population of around ten million people. Burundi has been plagued by civil war for many decades, the most recent lasting from 1993-2005. These wars have stunted growth in the country leaving it consistently ranked as one of the world's 3 poorest countries.

Many problems exist, including:

  • Many orphans, widows and widowers.

  • Extreme and horrible sexual immorality in people, which has increased HIV/AIDS.

  • Savage, barbaric and brutal behaviour in people.

  • Mental illnesses which demand a large number of psychiatrists for treatment.

  • Incredible poverty which left many families starving, and increased the number of street beggars.


Despite all of this, a new hope is rising among the Burundian youth. Hundreds and hundreds of young people are seeking a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. These young people need to be nurtured and trained to become people of integrity, who can lead their peers by example, and who can change the nation.

About Burundi

History of Youth for Christ Burundi

The idea of Youth For Christ Burundi was pioneered under the leadership of Freddy Tuyizere in 1998. Freddy was inspired to start the program after he heard of Youth for Christ Rwanda's Africa vision of "Generation 21". This vision is a call on leadership - seeing that the hope for Africa is in training the youth to be leaders of integrity. Although some of its programs were already in action, YFC Burundi was officially chartered at the Youth for Christ International Conference in Brazil in 2003.

Youth for Christ Burundi falls under the leadership of Youth for Christ International, which started in the 1940s as a response to the needs of young people. Starting in the US, it has now become a worldwide organization transforming the lives of young people. It's first full-time worker was Billy Graham. Currently, YFC works in over 100 countries, and each country has the independence to decide how best to reach their young people. YFC Burundi is registered as a non-profit/charity in Burundi with Burundian national leadership.

Youth for Christ Burundi initially started with prayer and evangelism meetings, and work with street kids and orphans. This gradually developed into the 'Homes of Hope' orphanages, and the desire to teach godly leadership in their schools.

The project page has many details on what they are currently doing to meet the needs of Burundi, and inspire a generation of good leaders. You can also find out more about how you can get involved.


Youth for Christ Burundi exists to raise up a godly generation of young leaders for the transformation of our society; through orphan care, building excellent schools and medical clinics.


to participate in the body of Christ, in the responsible evangelisation of youth, presenting them to the person, works, and teachings of Christ, while preparing them to be a disciple in local churches of their choice.









History of BYFC
Mission and Core Values

Generation 21

Generation 21 is a continent-wide focus of Youth for Christ in Africa.

It started in 1997, at a meeting of the Africa Youth for Christ leadership team, and has spread to unite different ethnic groups, languages and cultures with one focus: God.

The 'Generation 21' mandate is a call to leadership across Africa to be God's catalyst in faithfully developing a pan-African generation of young people who will be characterised by:

  • Prowess in spiritual warfare

  • Boldness in evangelism

  • Passion in social involvement

  • Godliness in leadership

You can read more about Generation 21 on the Youth for Christ International website

Generation 21

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Bujumbura, Burundi

Office Mobile number: (+257) 68 289 006


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