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Shammah Health Center

Shammah Health Center Masenga

When we first opened Homes of Hope in Gitega, we saw the need to provide quality healthcare to the children at the orphanage, as well as the neighbouring community, who are forced to travel long distances to receive medical treatment. 


We opened our doors in March 2014, and have already started to impact the community through the provision of safe, ethical healthcare, primary disease prevention and health education. We have a long term goal to engage with community leaders to provide lasting change through the development of programs for food security, community health workers, and family planning. 


We hope to impact our community through the provision of free health education seminars and events, hosted regularly at our site, covering topics such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, maternal & child health, prenatal care, malnutrition & food security, and youth engagement. 


We thank God for the medical equipment that has already been donated from Canada, and are continuing to raise funds for more equipment and supply purchasing. 


There are many opportunities to get involved in fundraising projects, and many volunteering opportunities.

Please contact Youth for Christ Burundi at 

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