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Sponsor a Child at Homes of Hope


We currently have two Homes of Hope Orphanages, which are home collectively to just under 100 children in small family-like units: 8 children per house, each led by a house Mama. We're seeking sponsors for some of our children.


For $30 or £30 a month, you can contribute to the provision of a child's food, shelter, clothes, healthcare, education and a loving environment to grow up in.

This is an amazing opportunity to invest in a child's future and watch them grow and develop over the years.



Head over here to start sponsoring a child today.


Gitega is the Political Capital and second largest city in Burundi, located in the centre of the country.

Youth for Christ started their first Homes of Hope on the outskirts of the city in 2005, and it has been a pilot project for all the others to follow. It currently has 7 Houses with 48 children, (Five of them attend University and live at Bujumbura whereas four others attend University in Gitega and live in a rented house). All the other children attend Future Hope School, and benefit from Shammah Health Center.




Cibitoke is a small town in the North of Burundi.

Youth for Christ started their second Homes of Hope here in 2010, with the help of Villages of Life, Australia. It currently has 6 Houses with 45 children, all of whom attend Future Hope School, Cibitoke. 




Homes of Hope

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