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Stories of impact 


Kersy is a living demonstration of the power of long-term, strategic investment in people.

She arrived with her sister, Leslie, at Homes of Hope Gitega aged just five, after their father had died. The foster parents treated Kersy as their own child. “They became my parents - they helped me to grow as any other parent would… They taught me about God.

Now I’m saved and I know Jesus because of them.” Kersy thrived in school and now attends university in Bujumbura where she is studying Business Management. 

"I know it will help me in the future, and it will teach me how I can help fellow young Burundians like me. So many young people are studying but they don’t have the opportunity to work, so I will be helping young people like me to start their own businesses!”

By investing generously and abundantly in Kersy over many years and giving her a stable, loving home, she is now working towards the goal of supporting unemployed youth in the nation. And so the ripple of hope, opportunity and faith spreads further across Burundi!

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