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Painting in Homes of Hope

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Meet Francine, an 18 years old, she has never painted before, but she enjoyed the painting day that happened in HOH Cibitoke. " I had never touched a painting brush before, and I had no idea what I should paint, but I remembered that my sponsor Helen is from US, so I painted the American flag in honour of her," says Francine. Francine is an orphan; her mum died a few weeks after her birth. Her grandmother took her, but she later died when Francine turned 3. Her aunt, who had her own family, took her in. Unfortunately, she treated her differently from other kids. Francine would not be fed or taken to school. At only five years old, she was subjected to house chores. She developed bronchitis that was about to kill her. After neighbors insisted that Francine be taken to the hospital, her aunt abandoned her there. Homes of Hope Cibitoke had just been opened when they heard about the Francine case. They paid all for her medical treatment fees and took her to the orphanage. It's been 12 years. Francine is a teenager full of energy and very joyful. She likes to play with her Homes of Hope mates. In two years, Francine will complete high school. She can't wait to achieve her dream of becoming a nurse. " I like to take care of others, especially the sick," she says. Please pray with us so that the Lord help us to impact more vulnerable young people.

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