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Future Hope Schools

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

- Nelson Mandela 


The Education system in Burundi is straining to cope with providing sufficient schools for a growing population of young people. Teachers and resources are scarce, and class sizes can reach a ratio of 1:100.


Youth for Christ Burundi seeks to raise up a generation of new leaders, and the first step is providing a good quality, well-rounded education. This is why they started the Future Hope primary schools.


Children at our schools learn the subjects on the national curriculum (Kirundi, French and Maths) but they also learn English (very important now that Burundi is part of the English-speaking East African Community) and computer studies.

The schools are equipped with a computer lab and a library. The books are predominantly in English and French, but as we expand, we are looking for more diverse books to allow enough reading and research opportunities for our students. 





Current Schools



Future Hope School in Gitega opened in 2008, right next to Gitega Homes of Hope. It has now taken expansion. A second site in Bwoga, still in Gitega near the Presidential palace. It currently contains 750 pupils, from nursery classes up to Grade 9. Those are 442 in Bwoga and 308 in Masenga. Currently, we have preferred to focus on the training of students up to grade 9 after the national exam where they compete to be oriented in better public schools. 



Future Hope School in Cibitoke opened in 2013, right next to Cibitoke Homes of Hope. It currently contains 657 pupils, from nursery classes up to Grade 12. 



Future Hope School in Makamba, a province of Burundi that had a large number of returned refugees from Tanzania and very limited education resources opened in September 2015. It currently contains 273 pupils, from nursery classes up to grade 9. 



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