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Peace in the midst of trials

Greetings to all our friends all over the world. Peace and joy from our Lord Jesus Christ. We know that Corona virus pandemic is killing many people

YFC Burundi Staff washing his hands before starting work

in many countries, obliging others to stay confined in their homes or elsewhere. In such difficult moments, we need to remind our hearts that nothing is impossible to God, and that he stills in control. We are praying for each other and we know God hears our prayers. Though in Burundi we have not yet registered any case of Corona virus, we(YFC Burundi) are observing the conditions of hygiene and other precautions given by WHO and the Ministry of Health. Prevention is better than cure, and observing those advices is the sign of respect. Wherever you are, we want you to know that we are praying for you, for the countries with much cases of Corona and the world in general. You are not alone. Moreover, God is still the master of his creation.

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