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Operation Hannah Mothers meeting

Wherever in Africa where there is Youth For Christ, there is Operation Hannah. Operation Hannah is a big family of YFC women. In Burundi, the O.H mothers meet each friday afternoon and every last saturday of the month. It is a special time to pray for the youth and the children. We know that we have to pray for them so that they may change the country in the future. As Burundi has gone through many civil wars, there are many orphans. We cannot pray for our own kids only. We pray for the street kids, the orphans, and as some of us are still single, we pray for them to have kids in the future and be able to raise them in God's way as Hannah did towards Samuel. Our hope is not getting children or seeing them accomplish our needs. Our hope is that God will change the hearts of the youth and help us to raise them by the word of God so that in their time, they may be godly leaders and godly men who will lead by God's word. Join us in prayer and we will see God doing miracles.

Operation Hannah bujumbura visit Operation Hannah Cibitoke for mutual encouragement

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