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Many activities at Cibitoke

Greetings. It is with much excitement we are sharing with you what we have been doing this last week of November. We are first grateful to God who brought us a guest, a friend of ours from Australia; Simon Eyles. We thank him for accepting to be led by God and to have come to us. His presence has been of paramount importance to us as he has helped us realize many activities. He helped us to set a place in which we are soon building a school, to dig a trench through which we will to draw water from Dogodogo lake to name a few. Join us in praise for what God is doing in Cibitoke, Gitega and Makamba. We will keep informing you so that your hearts, together with ours, be always filled with joy. Thank you for your prayers.

Simon and YFCB team preparing the ground to build a school

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