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Gitega International Academy(GIA) Open Day

A day to explore the potential of students at GIA took place on February 16, 2019. It was a busy day for parents and anyone else who would like to know how this school works. On this occasion, the Headmaster made visit the parents and others who would like it, the various departments of GIA like the Library, the Laboratory of Sciences, the Kitchen, the Computer science, ... to see how they work . In the Science Lab, the students presented some experiments where even the participants learned some notions of science. The students were also able to demonstrate their talents in the arts while exposing the different objects of art that they made themselves. The parents were delighted and bought these items at better prices. This open day was much appreciated by the participants and the dignitaries who attended the day, such as the Minister of Justice. The later did not fail to express her gratitude towards the GIA school which does everything for quality education of its students.

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