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Computers Donated to Gitega International Academy

Computers in the Gitega International Academy Library are already installed in and in use. We are extremely excited for this donation and are thankful to Great Lakes Outreach and all the supporters who made this dream become a reality.

It came at the time we really need it.

May the Lord bless you abundantly!

Could you please continue praying with us for an online library?

Homes of Hope ( orphanages) Updates

Kids in all the Homes of Hope are doing well. Some of them have been suffering from illness these last weeks, but we are thankful that they are recovering now. The         children no longer feel orphans. They are growing well and are rejoiced to have sponsors. Their life have been dramatically changed since their arrival in Homes of Hope. They have mums to give them food, wash their clothes and take care of them. The eyes of YFC Burundi leaders are opened wider to dreams that only God can make possible, along with practical tips towards the goal of sustainability in the YFCB projects for a best future of these children. It doesn’t have many years of experience, but is  trying to run multiple projects to sustain themselves and help different groups of    people in the community. We are grateful to you all who are sponsoring these kids.  Please continue to pray with us for the health and wellness of our kids, organizations and nations. Anyway, two of our kids don't have sponsors. Could you  pray with us  for them to have sponsors?

Love in action at Gitega International Academy

GIA continue piloting a scheme to give the young people a chance to serve the community. Last weekend, one of the classes at GIA visited a very poor community of pygmies at Gitega and their leader shared the Good News after distributing food for them. The    community really  appreciated that. The GIA students went back to school raving about the experience, creating album display to show their fellow students. Now all the students want to have a go! It’s very exciting to see the young people so enthusiastic about     serving their community. We pray that the Lord may continue guiding these godly  leaders.

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