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Getting ready for upcoming school year

Hi friends. Greetings from YFC Burundi.

We are approaching summer holidays ending. A new school year is announcing.

We are getting ready for the opening though we still have a bunch of things to do.

GIA will open on the 30th of August and Future Hope Schools on September 7th.

The number of students is increasing every year at those schools and we not even able to receive all the students who want to study to our schools. It is a blessing yet it is demanding.

We are still building some new classes at GIA and at Future Hope School Ciibitoke. We hope they will be ready before the opening.

Pray with us for success for this new year. We need those students to be future leaders, reason why we are doing whatever is in our power to make it happen. Yet, we still need God to do beyond our expectations.

new classes at Cibioke Future Hope School

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