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Easter Celebration at Homes Of Hope

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Happy Easter to you all. Yesterday we remembered that Christ offered himself as a holy sacrifice for our sins. He came with the only mission to reunite us with God. Now we can stand blameless in front of a holy God. What a grace. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, on this occasion, what we need to remind each other is that we are pilgrims on this earth. Let us set our hearts on heavenly things as this world is ending. Do not be discouraged by the disasters and catastrophes but in all things, give Glory to God, pray for the lost and preach the gospel of peace.

We thank God that, even though they did not go to church, children at HOH Gitega gathered together yesterday and prayed. We thank God to have given them a father who knows the Lord and who can teach them the word of God. They could not attend churches meetings in the neighborhood but they prayed together as a family.

Let us keep praying for each other and imploring our God to stop the covid 19. May the light of the risen king shine in our hearts.

Kids in HOH Gitega sharing food after service

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