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Masenga Community impacted

Marcelline is an incredible old lady from Gitega. She has been living in harsh conditions with

her son Eric and grandson Theogene.

Her house was on the verge of collapse as it leaked during the rainy season.

Theogene was abandoned by his father after the death of his mother. So Marcelline took him in.

Despite being unable to feed him, Marcelline decided to become the primary caregiver to

her grandson, thus resulting in Theogene's malnutrition.

To address all those issues, YFC Burundi decided to take in Theogene as their 1st child in

their Homes of Hope (orphanage). YFC Burundi also built an improved house for Marcelline in 2006. Furthermore, YFCB supported Marcelline with medical and food assistance. Her son

Eric who had abandoned education was enrolled in YFC's Primary school at Future Hope

School Masenga.

Currently, Theogene continues to benefit from support from YFCB.

Eric lives with his mother, Marcelline, in their improved house while studying at university.

Thank YFCB for providing capital. Eric now has a shop. He can now fend for himself and his


His shop has been very profitable since it is the only one easily accessible to the community

needing most.

Eric's life has significantly transformed. From abandoning his son to now wanting to be the

change in his community and support other vulnerable.

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