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Second Graduation at Gitega International Academy

We launched the second graduation of Gitega International Academy, an international private Christian boarding school in Burundi. The graduation was on the 23rd and the excitement we saw from the parents and students showed their confidence in this school. Thirty five students graduated and the pride of the students and parents was evident.

Our principle mission is to offer quality, internationally recognized education. We aim to provide academic, moral and cultural education to the students to enhance their relationship to others in local, national and international communities through exemplary leadership. By this we contribute to the expansion of secondary school enrolment in Burundi, build capacity for ministry of Education in Burundi thus improving the education standards and producing young leaders who will impact their communities. We praise the Lord as this dream is becoming a reality. Please continue praying with us for next step.

Future Hope School Students in Summer Holidays

During Summer Holidays, the Future Hope School pupils spent a ten days practicing different kinds of games, songs, drama, learning IT basics,... These lessons were taught by former GIA students ( graduates) who preferred to share their knowledge with their young brothers and sisters. They were under the supervision of Future Hope School class teachers. We are so grateful to the Lord for a such activity.

Building activities and school report

The Lord is so faithful! Thanks to your support, we've been able to build a Science Lab at Gitega International Academy and new classrooms for the Future Hope Schools. We thank the Lord as some of  our students were selected among the best pupils at the national level to sit for a national exam. We praise the Lord, they succeeded and our schools are classified among the best schools in Burundi. Yeah, your support was not in vain. May the Lord bless you abundantly!

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