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School Project

The Easter Break for both the Future Hope Schools and Gitega International Academy went well. We are grateful to the Lord! The results of the first term were good and they also succeeded for the second term.

In addition, we also have building work underway, especially at our new site, Bwoga where we have Gitega Future Hope School. Normaly, the school ( FHS) started in Masenga ( the same site as Homes of Hope and Shammah Health Center). But each year we have had to add more classrooms to accommodate our pupils. This is due to both the government extending the number of school grades taught within a primary school, and a constant high demand for school places from parents. Now we have a second site so we can continue to expand. We plan to add more classrooms ready for September, and we are busy building to protect our pupils.Our schools aren’t just schools these are places to transform lives for Jesus. We are working on their “3Hs”heads, hearts and hands to change Burundi forever. There is a hope. Yes we need more schools as our vision is to raise up a generation of godly leaders for Burundi and Africa. Everyone including non-Christians and Muslims are fighting to bring their kids to our schools.

Farming Project

It’s a joy to share with you that farming project is becoming generative in the life  of our ministry. We are grateful to the Lord as we cultivate different items to feed the kids. The farming project is making an impact in the lives of our kids in all our Homes of Hopes (Gitega, Cibitoke and Makamba). The children are now havingmilk, meat and vegetables more often than before and the soil is being fertilized to improve productivity. We have a big harvest of corns in Cibitoke this season. May the Lord bless you abundantly!

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