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Homes of Hope Gitega and Cibitoke are enjoying Holiday together

Kids in Homes of Hope are in holiday since July. As many of them are students from preschool, primary and secondary school, they go in holiday at the same time. Generally, homes of hope kids have two weeks to visit their families in summer holiday, but this time it was not possible due to Coronavirus. It was a great risk to take to send them in different families where we cannot ensure their safety.

Though it was a hard decision to make, we thought about another way to make them enjoy their holiday: now kids from Gitega are in Cibitoke. They are all happy together. They learn from each other, and it is really interesting to see how they make a kind of competition to see who is the best in everything. But whatever they do, they do it in love. They are really a family. Moreover, they are a blessing to Youth for Christ and to our country.

Gitega HOH kids ready to go to Cibitoke

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