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Entrepreneurial Initiative in our Homes of Hope Children

Désiré Karakura, a 14 years old young boy, is one of our children from Homes of Hope Gitega studying in grade 5 of primary school in Future Hope School Gitega.

He was one of the neglected children in the area. As he grew up in Homes of Hope, it was revealed in him a very talented boy after learning from his peers on entrepreneurship courses studied at school. He did not hide his ambitions and dreams.

He imagined why he did nothing in addition to school activities. Then, he thought about raising chickens. After a few days, the responsible of the Homes of Hope supported him find a place for his little livestock breeding. After a few months, the Homes of Hope had already a dozen chickens belonging to Désiré. What happiness for Desire! He did not stop by there, he went on breeding rabbits. Again, the Homes of Hope had several rabbits for Désiré!

No more worries about getting chicken meat or eggs sometimes! A smile on our face to taste what comes from the initiatives of our children and encouragement and motivation for all children at the Homes of Hope!

We thank the Lord for this entrepreneurial culture that grows in our children! It’s a sign of hope to reach out our vision of “Godly generation of leaders to transform the society!”

Unfortunately, these chickens and rabbits were recently attacked by diseases!

He didn’t lose hope; he is now breeding his rabbit with a hope to get many more soon.

We have several cases of children starting to unleash their potential though they are still young.

Please, pray with us that this spirit of creativity continues to grow in our children! We want them to be responsible and able to live on their own but also become great leaders to impact their communities and humanity. There is a hope!

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