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Burundi Youth for Christ functions entirely on the generosity of its supporters.

We have been in awe of the way God has provided over the last few years,

but there are always more children we could help. 


Please get in touch if you feel you can help us continue and expand our work.

Click here for practical details on how to donate from the UK, USA, Canada or any other country.

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Sponsor a Child at Homes of Hope


We currently have two Homes of Hope, housing over 90 children in small family-like units. We're still seeking sponsors for some of our children.


For $60 a month, you can provide a child with food, shelter, clothes, healthcare, primary school education and a loving environment to grow up in.

This is an amazing opportunity to invest in a child's future and watch them grow and develop over the years.


Sign up here to start sponsoring a child today.

One-off Donations


The generosity of individuals, churches and dedicated teams of expertise have allowed us to grow and develop into the ministry we are today. Every school building and every orphanage home is a precious gift to the young people of Burundi.


If your church, work-place, organisation or family would like to help support an orphanage home or school building project, please head over here.

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Regular Giving


It may not be as easy to measure as a new building, but Burundi Youth for Christ would not be able to function without the faithful small monthly gifts from our supporters. 


It is you who ensures that there is always petrol in the car, in case we need to take a child to hospital. It is you that helps us pay our utility bills, so we have light, electricity and internet to keep you updated on our work.

It is you that helps us to complete all the many small daily tasks that are needed to keep a ministry of this size running smoothly.   


Regular Givers are essential, and we thank you so much.

If you would like to start giving regularly, email for more information.

Pay a child's school fees


Our schools offer good quality education and pupil places are highly sought after. 

However, as they are private and we get no funding from the Government, we have to charge school fees.


We would love to offer scholarships to high-ability children from poorer backgrounds.

Investing in a child's education can make a huge difference, especially as we focus on training up the next generation of leaders for the country.


If you would like to help a child attend one of the Future Hope primary schools or Gitega International Academy, please contact

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