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Future Hope School Makamba needs new classes

This picture is taken from Future Hope School Makamba. They are preparing the ground on which to build new classes. In fact, Future Hope School Makamba has the preschool, primary and secondary degrees. But it has just 2 grades of the secondary school. We are building new classes that will receive students who are now in grade 8 and who will move soon to grade nine. The school year is ending with July and a new year is starting in September. We do not have much time. Pray for us to get everything we need to finish those constructions. Our schools have a good reputation, and we do our best to always improve. We have a vision, and the Godly leaders we need wont come as a miracle one day. We need to work hard and, most of all, we need God to help us. Your prayers are needed.

People preparing the ground to build new classes

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